Tara Strong Fired Over Pro-Israel Social Media Posts

You may not have realized it, but you’ve probably heard actress Tara Strong’s voice several times. No matter if you were watching TV yourself or with your kids/grandkids, chances are, over the years, you heard her.

Strong has been part of some of the most significant cartoon projects over the past few decades. She’s worked for the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. She’s been part of projects like “Rugrats,” “The Powerpuff Girls,” “Hello Kitty,” “Batman” and the list goes on.

The cartoon voice actress started when she was 13 and has been part of at least 600 projects.

Well, now the 50-year-old star is unemployed. Why? She supported Israel and is Jewish.

Strong had been helping an independent film company get the cartoon “Boxtown” off the ground. According to the actress she helped them get started but have decided to “fire her for being Jewish.”

Apparently, she didn’t even know she was being fired until the cartoon’s official twitter account announced it.

“Hello all! Just wanted to offer a quick update on Boxtown. We will be recasting the role of Bill (previously played by Tara Strong). We’ll have more info soon on open auditions,” they wrote. “Thanks for y’all’s understanding as we re-orient and figure out the next steps.”

“This decision was due to a trend among Tara’s recent online activity, including posts that promote controversial messages regarding the peoples of Palestine currently being affected by the ongoing Israel-Palestine crisis. We believe that our public platform gives us a duty to be careful when it comes to hateful messages and misinformation online. This extends to our cast and crew. This was not a difficult decision,” the statement said.

What did Strong say that was so bad?

Not really sure, she condemned the attacks and Hamas.

“For those who support the actions of #Hamas; when they infiltrate your hometown, on your soil, break into Jewish homes, raping, beheading innocent babies, will you applaud them? Will you wave their flag while they slaughter Christians & Muslims who don’t believe their ideologies?” one of Strong’s posts read.

Another said, “World’s gone crazy. People ARGUING online about whether or not the mass raping, shooting & kidnapping of innocent young women from around the world at a music festival is justified! Could happen at ANY music festival! Supporting terrorists empowers them & that’s globally terrifying.”

Strong did debate those in her comments section as well.

Apparently, if you condemn violent atrocities on civilians you can get fired from your job now.


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