Surprising endorsement for Trump by BLM leader

Mark Fisher, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Rhode Island, has voiced support for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race, shedding light on a growing trend of dissatisfaction among Black voters with the Democratic Party. Fisher, appearing on ‘FOX & Friends,’ criticized Democratic policies, accusing the party of hypocrisy and racism, and claimed that these policies adversely affect the Black family and nuclear family.

Fisher specifically pointed out the perceived lack of value that the Democratic Party places on the Black vote. In an interview with “The Kim Iversen Show” earlier this month, he praised Trump for being straightforward and advocating policies that, according to Fisher, have positively impacted the Black community. Fisher asserted that Trump has done more for the Black community than any president he can recall in his lifetime.

This shift in allegiance aligns with a broader trend, as indicated by a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, revealing an increase in support for Trump among Black voters in battleground states won by President Biden in 2020. The poll showed that 22% of Black voters in key states now support Trump, up from 8% in the previous election.

Fisher argued that some Black voters supporting the Democratic Party are misinformed and lack education on Trump’s policies and their impact on the Black community. He emphasized the need for educated leaders to disseminate information about Trump’s history and policies to address this misinformation.

Despite endorsing Trump, Fisher clarified that he remains affiliated with Black Lives Matter and stressed a message of unity. He expressed a desire to bring together marginalized groups, emphasizing the strength of unity for a more cohesive nation.

This political realignment within Black voter demographics highlights the evolving dynamics of political affiliations and the complexities within minority communities.

Fox News 


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