Surprising Picture: Gates and Epstein Accuser Together

A report recently published by the Wall Street Journal revealed a photograph of billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates posing with an alleged victim of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The picture, captured back in March 2014, is believed to be the first instance of Gates being photographed with one of Epstein’s accusers.

The setting was Gates’ Seattle office and the woman in the photograph was identified as a Polish model in her 20s, herself an alleged victim of Epstein. Interestingly, the photograph was supposedly taken by Epstein himself.

According to the report, this aligns with Epstein’s calculated approach of using images to manipulate the women he exploited, simultaneously crafting a narrative to mask his criminal behavior.

The Polish model reportedly mentioned that she first met Epstein, a registered sex offender, a few months before the picture was taken. Soon, he started promising her that his high-profile connections could help boost her modeling career.

While the Wall Street Journal stated that at least three other photos exist showing Gates with other Epstein accusers, it’s important to note that none of these women accused Gates of any improper conduct. The same Polish model was also seen in pictures alongside director Woody Allen and former CBS News journalist Charlie Rose, among others.

Leading attorneys for the alleged victims highlighted the manner in which Epstein leveraged his powerful connections to promote his illicit activities, regardless of the awareness – or lack thereof – of these individuals about his true intentions. Through this association with various influential figures, Epstein constructed a façade of legitimacy around himself.

Compelling evidence shows that Epstein systematically used this network of influential individuals to engage his victims, promising career opportunities and advancement. However, these promises often turned out to be empty in the end. The Polish model, for instance, revealed that Epstein tried to convince her to become the mistress of one of his friends, promising her a fortune of millions.

She declined the offer and returned to Poland in 2015, but he still attempted to lure her back, sending her the photograph with Gates. This incident offers a glimpse into the predatory strategies that Epstein employed to try and manipulate his victims.

Gates has publicly acknowledged meeting Epstein several times post-2008, after Epstein’s Florida conviction, citing attempts to raise funds for the Gates Foundation. It’s worth noting Gates’ regret over such instances, emphasizing his philanthropic intentions behind the meetings.

His spokesperson added a critical point, stating that Epstein tried to insinuate a connection by “spontaneously bringing in people for photos with Bill, whom Bill did not know or interact with further.”

Epstein’s manipulative tactics extended beyond photos and empty promises. The victims were often gifted large sums of money, assured of visa arrangements, and promised paid educational opportunities in the US.

However, they were later subjected to mental manipulation, physical abuse, and exploitation on Epstein’s private Caribbean island. His victims were often urged to abandon their dreams and instead take up massage therapy – the initiation phase of his sexual abuse.

These reprehensible tactics were amplified by Epstein’s meticulous documentation of his actions to create a facade of generosity. He would force his victims to write thank-you notes and coerce them into acting grateful, crafting a paper trail to reinforce his deceptive narrative.

While the photographs featuring powerful figures like Gates, Allen, and others certainly add a layer of controversy, it is crucial to distinguish between Epstein’s sole culpability for his manipulative and criminal actions and the unintentional involvement of these figures in his narrative. Epstein’s complex web of deceit, manipulation, and abuse encapsulates a sordid tale that continues to be untangled long after his death in August 2019.

NY Post


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