State Department Spars With Reporters Over Iran Talking Point

The State Department has a talking point out there that the $6 billion that’s Iran is actually former President Trump’s fault.

It’s sort of a funny talking point because where the $6 billion came from is not the issue right now. The issue is that Biden gave it to Iran and if they are going to freeze the $6 trillion following the terror attack on Israel.

While in Tel Aviv, Blinken said:

“With regard to the $6 billion, first, again, it’s always worth repeating the facts, because, unfortunately, the facts get lost along the way.  The money that Iran accrued in bank accounts, in this case in South Korea, for the sale of its oil was done pursuant to an arrangement established by the previous administration, the Trump administration.  None of the funds that have now gone to Qatar have actually been spent or accessed in any way by Iran.  Indeed, funds from that account are overseen by the Treasury Department, can only be dispensed for humanitarian goods – food, medicine, medical equipment – and never touch Iranian hands.  We have strict oversight of the funds, and we retain the right to freeze them.”

In other words, Trump took the $6 billion in Iranian profits, put it in an account that only be used for humanitarian aid and made sure it was overseen by the US government. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the Biden Administration gave it to them and now (as of the writing of this post) hasn’t decided to refreeze it.

As of the writing of this post, the Biden Administration is considering freezing the money. What’s strange is why is it taking days for them to “consider” re-freezing the funds.

The talking point by the Biden administration is backfiring.



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