What’s Missing From Biden’s Post SOTU Coverage Spells DOOM For Joe

There was a lot of hoopla after Biden’s speech from the media that Biden delivered a great speech.

Which, in some ways, he did.

President Joe Biden delivered a MAGA-style speech that sounded more like a campaign speech than an honest assessment of the topics facing the country.

Joe only went off-script once, so for him…that’s not bad.

When you come right down to it, the best part of Joe’s speech was that he was able to communicate words effectively in front of people.

Normally, in the days following the SOTU, the media comments on poll after poll analyzing how the American people felt about President.

During the Trump years, the networks would have focus groups immediately reacting to the the speech.

None of that happened this time.

There was one poll, and the only outlet that covered it was the Wall Street Journal.

A Gallup poll claimed that only 41% of America approved of the President’s speech.

In contrast, even though liberals couldn’t stand former President Trump, he still got very good approval ratings after his speeches.


Immediately after the speech the MSM said the speech was incredible but by the next day they seemed to have forgotten it.

The only report we got was that the ratings for the SOTU were at an all-time low.

From The Hill:

Less than 30 million people watched President Biden’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

The number of total viewers is down significantly from the 38 million who watched Biden’s speech last year and is almost half the 45.6 million who watched former President Trump’s first address in 2018.

If Joe had actually hit a home run, we never would have heard the end of it.

Yes, Joe physically delivered the speech well, and that was about it.

America isn’t buying it.

As a matter of fact, the ratings may have been down because we were all working our third jobs trying to pay for gas and eggs.


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