The Optics Of Kamala’s Recent Visit Take The Cake – WATCH

Recently, Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris, took a trip to Richmond, Virginia, and the optics were hilarious.

Nothing like seeing the VP standing in front of a high-tech food processor machine built by a company called Babylon.

But it gets so much better from there.

The machine itself seems pretty neat.

The company is called Babylon Micro-farms which have created a stand-up hydroponic garden they claim is capable of growing 24 pounds of greens a month year around without soil.

“The economy is looking very good in terms of us addressing the concern that people rightly have about the cost of food, the cost of gas, and we’ve been able to address that in a variety of ways,” Harris said, standing in front of the unit.

The stand-up garden cost $15,000 a unit.

Look, I don’t want to knock the tech, it’s pretty cool that a stand-up 24/7 garden has been produced that easily could fit in someone’s home has been created.

The company understands the steep price tag and has courted food service companies to use their gardens as proof of concept. They only have 35 employees, and the garden is constructed in Virginia.

You gotta chuckle at the optics of the Vice President talking about American families dealing with skyrocketing food prices while standing in front of a $15,000 garden made by a company called (of all things) Babylon.

Before we go over the moon for this tech, let’s all remember this isn’t the first time we’ve watched Democrats go head over heels for a company that ended up being a hoax.

Former President Barack Obama was head over heels for Elizabeth Holms, founder of Theranos. She’s now desperately fighting to stay out of jail after being convicted because her entire company was a fraud.



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