This Is How The French Honor America’s Fallen – WATCH

Memorial Day is traditionally marked in the United States with a solemn recognition of the brave men and women who have served this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice in the face of combat and struggle. But around the world, there are places where Memorial Day is marked in a special way — with flags of both the US and host nations marking the graves of those who never returned home.

Consider the American military cemetery in Normandy, France. Every year, caretakers dedicate hours to brushing sand from Omaha Beach over the white marble markers, giving Graves of the thousands of soldiers a special touch. On Memorial Day, the graves are marked with both an American and French flag. The sand gives the letters in the markers a gold coloring.

Or the Henri-Chapelle American Military Cemetery in Plombieres, Belgium, where citizens mark Memorial Day by honoring the casualties with both an American and a Belgian flag draped across each marker.

In a similar way, the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten is marked with both Dutch and American flags.

The Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial in Nettuno is marked with both Italian and American flags.

Even the graves at the North Africa American Cemetery in Tunisia is marked with both Tunisian and American flags.

In the Pacific the American Cemetery in Manila is marked with both Filipino and American flags.

These countries not only honor the sacrifice of the fallen military by marking their graves with flags – they also stand in unity with their neighbors across the seas. It is a special reminder that although they may be geographically distanced from each other, Americans have fought for liberty and freedom around the world.

Sadly, people in other countries appear to respect our fallen soldiers more than we do at home.


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