Three Lawmakers Face Expulsion After Protests

Tennessee lawmakers aren’t playing around and have locked out three Democrat lawmakers.

A few days after the deadly shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, State Representatives Gloria Jonson, Justin Jones, and Justin Pearson led a mob into the building and used bull horns at the front to f the House chamber.

The three lawmakers shared the bullhorn and incited the crowd.

Jones has temporarily been banned from the Capitol before when he threw a cup of liquid at former House Speaker Glen Casada and other lawmakers in 2019.

Both Rep Gloria Johnson and Justin Jones were notified that they have been stripped of their committee assignments. Rep. Justin Pearson did not sit on any committees.

Now, House Speaker Cameron Sexton has filed a resolution to expel the three lawmakers for their “disorderly behavior.”


From the Associate Press:

Resolutions have been filed against Reps. Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson after they led chants from the House floor with supporters in the gallery last Thursday. The resolution declared that the three had participated in “disorderly behavior” and “did knowingly and intentionally bring disorder and dishonor to the House of Representatives.”

Republican Reps. Bud Hulsey, Gino Bulso, and Andrew Farmer filed the resolutions. They successfully requested Monday that the House expedite the process and vote on the resolutions Thursday.

By the afternoon of April 3, 2023, Republican Caucus Chairman Jeremy Faison referred to Jones as the “former representative” during an evening session. It appears that the Tennessee legislator is preparing to remove them.


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