Top Kremlin General Dies Mysteriously After Putin Meeting Canceled

Even as rumors swirl of Vladimir Putin’s impending doom, the Russian Federation President remains as tyrannical as ever…and then some.

Putin is believed to be suffering from the cancer that will eventually kill him, and possibly being kept alive by foreign specialists late in 2022.  With his Ukrainian invasion failing as well, the Moscow madman is in a very precarious spot, and those who continue to fail him appear to be dropping like flies.

This includes some of the Kremlin’s top military minds.

ANOTHER mysterious death has rocked Russia as a tank boss suddenly died just one day after Vladimir Putin cancelled a meeting with him.

General Alexei Maslov, 69, suddenly fell ill and died on Christmas Day just after Putin axed a visit to the tank firm where he worked in Uralvagonzavod.

Maslov was the former head of the Russian ground forces and an ex-ambassador to Nato – and was reportedly not known to have any health problems before his sudden death.

Putin then suddenly cancelled his visit even as his convoy was in place and the roads had been cleared of snow.

It fuelled speculation amid rumours Vlad is attempting to dodge questions on his failing war in Ukraine or is sick.

No reason was given for the cancellation – and the mystery deepens further after the death of General Maslov.

And this is far from the first such incident.

Maslov’s death also follows the “sudden death” of Alexander Buzakov, 65, general director of Admiralty Shipyards in St Petersburg, in charge of building new submarines.

Putin has no one to blame but himself, however, as tasking his military to emerge victorious in an unwinnable war has created a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.


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