Trump Drops BRUTAL Truth Bombs in Rowdy Christmas Message

Donald Trump’s 2024 reelection campaign may not yet be off to the sort of start that he was hoping for, and it’s beginning to show.

The former President is currently facing a number of worrisome investigations into both his personal and political life, and there are a vast number of Republicans who are beginning to wonder if this will have an ill effect on his chances in 2024.

Trump, for his part, appeared unfazed by the probes, and lashed out at the situation on Christmas Day.

Those ever-present issues were mirrored in Mr Trump’s mood on Sunday morning as he noted the withering cold much of the country is experiencing this Christmas and blamed his political foes for destroying American society and, in particular, for not doing more to tamp down on illegal migration at the southern border.

“On this very cold but beautiful Christmas Day, look at our Nation NOW on the Southern Border compared to only a short time ago during the Trump Administration,” wrote Mr Trump.

“We had the most SECURE Border in our history, versus the “horror show” that that is happening now, with record setting numbers of people, many of them hardened Criminals (including Killers, Human Traffickers and Drug Dealers), POURING INTO OUR COUNTRY at a rate the likes of which we have never seen before. The USA is dying from within!!!” he declared.

That wasn’t all:

But the former president wasn’t done there. He went on to post a second angry screed minutes later, which concluded: “TODAY, LIKE NEVER BEFORE, WE ARE A NATION IN DECLINE, A FAILING NATION!”

The former President is currently the GOP’s presumptive nominee in 2024 regardless of the potential trouble he’s facing, and the Republican Party doesn’t appear to be in any real hurry to attempt to challenge that idea.



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