Trump Drops NASTY Dig at McConnell as Midterms Loom

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell truly haven’t seen eye-to-eye since the former President vacated the White House, and this week has brought the pair every closer to a full blown war of words.

McConnell, who is one of the longest-serving public servants our nation has ever endured, truly represents the status quo of the Republican Party.  Trump, of course, was elected President very much for the purpose of rewriting the political playbook, and so there never was any real hope of the pair becoming or remaining chummy with one another.

But now, as the two continue to test their influence in the electoral bubble of 2022, Trump isn’t holding back.

Former President Donald Trump slammed Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Monday for funding pro-impeachment Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) reelection bid against challenger Kelly Tshibaka with $9 million instead of other swing state candidates, like Republican Blake Masters in Arizona.

The former President had a brutal assessment.

“Kelly Tshibaka is doing very well in Alaska, probably leading horrendously bad Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican (barely!),” Trump stated in a press release. “The Democrat has no chance, and yet the Old Broken Crow, Mitchell McConnell, is authorizing $9 Million Dollars to be spent in order to beat a great Republican, Kelly, instead of $9 Million Dollars that could be used for Blake Masters, and other Republicans, that with this money would beat their Democrat opponent. Isn’t it ironic?”

With Trump all but certain to announce his 2024 candidacy in the coming weeks, Mitch McConnell had better be building up some thick skin.


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