Trump Delivers Speech In New Hampshire Addresses Israel

You can bet that this one-liner is going to make some people really mad. After all they have an entire team dedicated to keep him from tripping.

In a recent rally in New Hampshire, former President Donald Trump zeroed in on his presidential rival Joe Biden, criticizing the 80-year-old commander-in-chief’s series of stumbling incidents, including his use of a shorter than usual staircase to board and deplane Air Force One.

The Republican presidential candidate dubbed the steps the “children’s stairs” and remarked that Biden “has a bigger time making it up” to laughs from the crowd. Trump made the comments following his own registration with the voter ballot in the New Hampshire statehouse. The event also followed criticism from rapper 50 Cent, who called Biden out for taking a beach vacation while the war in Israel raged.

At the event, Trump went on to joke about Biden’s red Independence Hall backdrop and his frequent trips to the beach, insinuating that he was neglecting his duty as president when the US may be going to “potentially World War III.”

Since his election in January 2021, Biden has suffered from a series of tripping and falling incidents, starting with a stumble at Joint Base Andrews before noon. He has also fallen off his bike in Rehoboth Beach, awkwardly slipped while ascending Air Force One stairs, and most recently tripped at the Itsukushima Shrine in Japan.

With Biden’s advanced age being a potential cause of concern among voters, Trump is taking advantage of the critiques his successor has been receiving. Recent polls largely suggest that Americans are more worried about Biden’s older age than Trump’s, who is 77.

The former US President is no doubt feeling the pressure of the impending election in 2024, and is using jibes at Biden to loosen up the atmosphere and assure pro-Trump voters of his undaunted candidacy. Nonetheless, the comments risk a mark of bitterness against Biden – something that Trump avoided scrupulously when former President Obama was in the White House.

While in New Hampshire, former President Trump was asked about the House and said that the only one who could get 217 votes is “Jesus Christ.”



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