Trump Officially Subpoenaed by J6 Committee, Setting Up New Showdown

For months on end, there has been a pervasive feeling among the GOP that the work of the January 6th select committee was a sham.  Their ever-widening scope was likened to a “witch hunt” on several occasions, and the timing of their political machinations has made their intentions rather obvious.

For instance, as Trump advisor Steve Bannon is sentenced to 4 months in prison for defying a congressional subpoena, the former President himself is now being subpoenaed.

The House Select Committee on Jan. 6 issued a subpoena Friday to former President Trump in relation to the 2020 riots at the Capitol.

Trump is requested to appear before the committee and provide records regarding his actions on day when rioters stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.

The committee agreed to the subpoena for testimony from Trump during its business meeting last week.

Even more curious is the timing of this renewed focus on Trump, who is likely set to announce his 2024 presidential bid in the coming weeks.

Trump released a letter several days ago in response to the committee’s vote to subpoena him that took place during their latest public hearing in which the former Commander in Chief belittled and debunked the group’s claims regarding his behavior.  There was no indication as to how Trump would actually respond to the subpoena, however.


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