Tucker Carlson Has Something Up His Sleeve & It May Take Down Fox News

A couple of things have happened that may make this possible and it’s genius.

First off, Elon Musk is allowing verified users to be paid for getting good engagement on his social media platform Twitter. In other words, if you are a verified account and get good engagement you get to earn.

Leftists were furious about the change because when Musk leveled the verification playing field many of them refused to pay for the verification. Liberal users refused to pay because they didn’t want popular right-leaning accounts to get the same privileges and status they had; so they boycotted.

Now Musk is allowing people to monetize their account and the libs who refused to get verified are fuming.

But something bigger came out of this now that it’s been learned that ousted Fox News host Tucker Carlson is creating his own media company.

The reports are that Carlson is building a new media company and will not use traditional means of distribution through Youtube (where he’ll prob be censored in 30 seconds). It appears that Tucker is going to use Twitter as the backbone.


Every time Tucker posts a show or interview it received millions of views. Elon monetizing influencers gives Tucker all the chance his network needs and it could reduce Fox News to the shell of emptiness CNN has turned into too.

It also changes the game for influencers on Youtube being censored.

It is no wonder they Musk he is leveling the playing field and doing it right before the upcoming political season.

To boot, Meta’s so-called Twitter killer “Threads” barely a month in operation is already falling apart.


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