Two Words You Know Hurt Jake Tapper To Say – WATCH

It has been long awaited. Finally, Special Counsel John Durham has released the results of his investigation into the origins of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia. The report concludes that the FBI’s handling of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was “seriously deficient” and “failed” to properly analyze and assess the information it had.

The report is particularly critical of the FBI’s reliance on the Steele dossier, a series of salacious allegations about then-candidate Trump and his possible ties to Russia. It concludes that the FBI failed to properly corroborate the dossier, and relied on it too heavily when securing a warrant to spy on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

After the news of the report broke Jake Tapper was forced to utter two words that you know hurt him to say. He admitted that the report “exonerates Trump.”

The report does not recommend any new charges, but it does offer a scathing assessment of the FBI’s handling of the investigation, and holds those involved accountable for their actions. It is likely to further fuel the debates over the FBI’s conduct in the investigation, and may influence the future direction of the agency.

Supporters of President Trump new the investigations were a witch hunt but this is the first time those outside of the 24/7 news cycle are learning the entire operation was a joke.

At a minimum Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Nancy Pelosi should be censured by Congress.


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