Uproar Follows Massachusetts Middle School Event

At Marshall Simonds Middle School, faculty attempted to force students to wear rainbow colors and use preferred pronouns.

But things didn’t go as planned.

A large group of students decided to counter-protest by wearing red, white, and blue. The students also tore down Pride stickers and banners chanting, “My pronouns are USA.

One woke faculty member said that the student’s refusal to participate in the event was “intolerance.”

Joanne Frustaci, a Burlington resident, complained to local news that it was “an unruly dispurtion” adding that it was “organized ahead of time.”

In a letter, the superintendent of the Burlington Select School District wrote a letter condemning the kids and begging the woke mob for forgiveness.

“I recognize that discussions and celebrations of individual identity are complex and impacted by individual values, religions, and cultural norms, the result of which may include expressions of racism, anti-religious hate, ableism, and in this case homophobia” Superintendent Eric M. Conti wrote.

There’s a catch. The principal admitted that the student counter protested because they did not recognize Memorial Day. Schools officials did apologize because it appears that they simply…forgot.

Ironically, the kids that took part in the counter-protest were not punished.

Parents in Huntington Beach, California were also furious after a video taken by an Edison High School student went viral. The kids were in math class when the teacher decided to show a “Pride Month” video during class.

In the video student began to complain asking the teacher to “stop,” and “turn it off.”

The teacher then scolded the student and threatened them with Saturday detention if they did not comply with the indoctrination video.

“Hey I’ll warn you guys now, if you’re going to be inappropriate, I will have supervision down and give all of you Saturday school for [indiscernible]. So knock it off,” the unnamed teacher says.


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