VIDEO: Eco-Terrorists Splash Soup on Priceless Van Gogh Painting

When you have a cause that you find yourself passionate about, and you look for ways of expressing a meaningful advocacy toward them, it is absolutely imperative that you remain on brand.  You need to be certain that the message you’re trying to convey gets to the intended targets with the least amount of logical gaps to fill.

That’s why the latest viral “anti-oil” protest is so cringe-worthy.

A pair of climate protesters hurled tomato soup on a Vincent van Gogh painting at London’s National Gallery on Friday — the latest in a series of attempts to vandalize famous artwork to speak against oil.

London’s Metropolitan Police said officers arrested two people on suspicion of criminal damage and aggravated trespass.

And no, they were not attempting to protest Vincent Van Gogh, museums, sunflowers or art.

The duo were supporters of the activist group Just Stop Oil, which engages in publicity stunts to bring the public’s attention to climate change.

Video shows the pair dropping an outer layer of clothing, revealing their Just Stop Oil T-shirts and taking out the cans of soup. The painting is enclosed in glass and aside from minor damage to the frame, the artwork is “unharmed,” the National Gallery said in a statement.

Video of the incident can be seen below.

The move follows similar protests in recent months in which the Mona Lisa was smeared with cake and where two protesters glued themselves to another Van Gogh.


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