Washington State Looks To Further Expand Carry Restrictions

In the state of Washington lawmakers have limited areas where law-abiding citizens can carry firearms.

The current law in Washington prohibits citizens from carry a weapon in places like courtrooms, bars, and certain restricted areas. However, SB 5444 is taking things to an absurb level.

Conservative commentator Jason Rantz explained:

But SB 5444 takes it to an absurd level, adding public libraries, zoos, aquariums, parks, community centers, and other public buildings to the no-go list for self-defense.

The most alarming part? Transit stations and facilities are included in this ban. Washington Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies have already turned our buses and light-rail into hotspots for danger. By banning weapons for self-defense, they’re not just ignoring the problem; they’re exacerbating it.

Rantz added that transit locations have been added to the new proposal amid an increase of “high-profile, violent crimes in 2023.”

We saw somethign similiar in New York.

Surveillance video showed 35 year old Austin Simon’s storm bodega clerk Jose Alba. A fight breaks out and Alba – fighting for his life – grabs a knife and stabs Simon three times. At the hospital Simon was prounounced dead.

According to court records Simon attacked Alba because he thought he treated his friends 10 year old daughter poorly. Alba had pulled a snack out of the childs hand when Simon’s girlfriends couldn’t buy it.

Simon went into the employee area grabbed Alba by the neck who then defended himself.

it was Alvin Bragg’s office that charged Alba with second degree murder and threw him in jail for a week. Even Mayor Eric Adams was incesned and supported Alba.

Alba was released on to the street after public pressure and after a review the case was dimissed.

In April of 2023, we reported about how this was happening and Kamala Harris said it herself.

During a segment on ABC News, Martha Raddatz held a discussion with a Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence attorney on “stand your ground” laws who eluded that gun owners should have a duty to retreat.

“Stand Your Ground laws, which upend centuries of common law on self-defense and allow people to carry guns outside of the home…are increasing numbers of justifiable and unjustifiable homicides,” says Allison Anderman of the Giffords Law Center.

The ploy is simple if they can’t get rid of the 2nd Amendment, they are going to try and nullify an American’s ability to defend themself.


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