Watch: Awkward Moments During Biden Meet & Greet

SMDH. This is the President of the United States.

While the President was overseas in Ireland, there was a moment when Hunter had to correct Biden several times.

There was a moment when Biden was taking questions with a group of children and he needed some help.

“Making sure that we don’t all have COVID, why, what are you talking about?” he said to the poor kid.

Hunter had to step in and explain that the child was asking him what the “key to success was.

In response, Biden said, “Whenever you disagree with someone, it’s okay to question their judgment, whether they’re right or wrong, but it’s never okay to question their motive.”

After the transcript came out the entire interaction was even more bizarre than thought. It was so wild that even Adam Cancryn from Politico could look away and thanked the White House stenographers. Those people truly have their work cut out for them.


From the Official White House Transcript:

THE PRESIDENT:  What’s your question?

CHILD:  What’s the top step to success?

THE PRESIDENT:  What’s the top what?

CHILD:  Step — steps — step to success.

THE PRESIDENT:  What’s the top step to succ- — to success?

CHILD:  Yes.

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, well, making sure that we don’t all have COVID.  What — why — what are we talking about here?

CHILD:  Like —

MR. HUNTER BIDEN:  If you can — what’s the — what’s the key to success?

THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, what’s the key to success?  You know what I found out is the key to success is?  And I’m not sure I’m the best guy to explain it; these guys can tell you.

Biden started to ramble about Jesse Helms to a bunch of kids and Hunter had to help him out again.

Biden continued, “There was a guy named Jesse Helms from South Carolina — from North Carolina — South Carolina.”

“North,” Hunter interupped.

“North Carolina.  And he was a very conservative guy who was very, very — not very crazy about African Americans when he got here.  He was all — we always had fights,” Biden said.


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