Trump Makes Impromptu Visit After Arraignment

After former President Trump traveled to DC and arraigned he took a little detour.

Just hours after being arrested in Washington D.C., Donald Trump decides to crash a wedding at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J.

This is Trump’s way telling the Washington Uniparty, Biden DOJ and the media that he’s not going to back down.

There is no doubt that this caught the left off guard however, they seemed pretty gleeful after what a judge told the former president during the arraignment.

The left was so excited they even got Rachel Maddow to come into work who gleefully reported what was communicated to the former president.

“– Not communicate about the facts of this case with any individual known to be a witness except through counsel. The Judge said to Trump at 4:26 pm, ‘You have heard your conditions of release,” Maddow reported. “It is important you comply you comply to your conditions of release. You may be held pending trial in this case if you violate conditions of release.’ Now again, that is the judge speaking directly to Donald Trump. And when she says you may be held, she’s saying you may be imprisoned if you do not comply with the conditions.”

It was also reported that the judge told the former president, “the most important condition is that you not commit a crime while you are release and then the judge says that one moment later, or excuse me, two minutes later, it is a crime to try to influence a juror.”

One thing you can bet on is that the left usually tells you what they are going to do and the following day below what was said on MSNBC.

Many on the left are licking their chops because this case will be tried in DC and they know the reputation of the judge involved in the case.

The judge is already playing games.


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