Governor Announces New Plan In An Interesting Way

Sometimes you just need to let videos speak for themselves.

Now it’s not like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer hasn’t done weird stuff before.

We previously reported what she did with Barbies.

Before we go any further, it is normal for a grown adult to have a Barbie collection. Some Barbie dolls can be very valuable. The most expensive Barbie ever sold was designed by famed jeweler Stefano Canturi, who created a one-of-a-kind Barbie doll with real diamonds that was sold for $302,500 in a Christie’s auction in 2010.

It’s another thing to be a governor of a state and post pictures of a Barbie doll posing to be you on your official social media account.

On Whitmer’s Instagram account, she posted seven pictures using a Barbie doll in her image.

“My 5th bipartisan education budget is the best one yet! This real-world funding will help us build a brighter future,” the post said.


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Apparently, fuchsia is Whitmer’s power color. Folks, I wish I was joking.

“Come on Barbie, let’s go govern,” the social media post caption read. “This Barbie is the 49th Governor of the great state of Michigan, and just like @barbie, fuchsia is my power color. 💗 I’m committed to fighting for a state where every Michigander, no matter their background, can thrive.”


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In case they get deleted because of the backlash she’s probably going to get, below is a screenshot.

We are now going to a whole new level of cringe, believe it or not.

To announce a new college initiative, Whitmer decided to have a back-and-forth with a creepy-looking talking potato.

Folks, what in the world is going on? This is close to Nina Jankowicz territory.


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