WH Press Con Goes Crazy, MSM Humiliate Themselves – WATCH

The press conference at the White House on March 20, 2023, went entirely off the rails, and Secretary Karine Jean Pierre removed a reporter.

Simon Ateba, Chief White House Correspondent for Today News Africa, is known for asking KJP tough questions, and she often ignores him. So this time, the fed-up reporter pressed the issue.

We’ve posted some longer portions of the press conference for a reason, it’s one thing to watch but read what the other white reporters said to this black man. Also, as you read these excerpts, remember how the press acted during the Trump administration.

Partial Transcript:

Ateba: Karine —

KJP: Yeah, right. Right, you’re here for me.

Ateba: Karine, before — before you begin —

KJP: No, no, no, no. Nope. That’s not — we’re not doing this. We’re not doing this.

Ateba: I would like to request —

KJP: We’re not doing this. We’re not doing this.

Ateba: I would like to request that you call on everyone from across the room.

Ateba: You’ve been discriminating against me and discriminating against some people in the briefing room.

Unknown reporter: Sir!

Ateba: And I’m saying that this is the U.S. —

Unknown reporter: Come on!

Ateba: — this is not China —

Unknown reporter: Let her start.

Ateba: — this is not Russia.

Unknown reporter: You’re being rude.

Unknown reporter: Let her start.

Ateba: This is not Russia!

Unknown reporter: Be respectful.

KJP: Okay.

Ateba:  What you are doing, you are making a mockery of the First Amendment.

Unknown reporter: Simon!

Unknown reporter: Decorum, please. Decorum, please.

Unknown reporter: Let her start. Respect her.

Ateba: It’s been seven months. You’ve not called on me.

Unknown reporter: Decorum, please.

Ateba: You blow off my messages. I’m saying that that’s not right. That’s not right.

Unknown reporter: Let her start the briefing!

KJP: Fun times. Welcome, guys. (Laughter.)

The back and forth went on for a couple of more minutes until Simon backed down but only for a bit. Notice how the other reporters treat him and then remember how these privileged white elite liberals behaved during the Trump administration:

Ateba: Karine, one (inaudible). You can’t keep — you can’t keep discriminating against some people in the briefing room because you don’t like them and you don’t like their questions.

KJP: Sir, you have a choice.

Ateba: No, you’ve been —

KJP: You have a choice.

Ateba: — discriminating against me —

KJP: You have a choice.

Ateba: — and against a number of people —

Unknown reporter: Shhh —

KJP: Okay.

Unknown reporter: — in the briefing room. And I’m saying that that’s not right. This is not China. This is not Russia. This is the United States.

Unknown reporter: Decorum!

Unknown reporter: This is the White House.

Unknown reporter: Come on.

Unknown reporter: Simon — Simon, the point is —

Unknown reporter: I think you should —

Unknown reporter: The point is you’re not letting her talk.

Unknown reporter: The rest of us are here too, pal.

Simon was removed from the briefing room.

However, what occurred next was the most egregious. The simps in the media apologized/groveled before KJP to apologize for their behavior.

Imagine in 2020, a bunch of elitists from the media shouting down and condemning a black reporter. Then apologize to the Trump administration for their behavior. They should have all taken a knee in silence until KJP answered some of his questions.

The media are full of clowns.

Remember this?


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