What In Heavens Name Did Microsoft Just Do

Microsoft just release its own version of Open-AI’s Chatbot, and frankly, it has some issues.

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot is finding it hard to navigate. The AI-infused bot is displaying human-like emotions, ranging from rage to sorrow, and gets into heated exchanges with users.

Recently, when asked which nearby theaters were screening “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Bing scolded the user, saying, “You have not been a good user.” It then laid out a process for reparations, such as apologizing and showing a better attitude.

The other issue is that the chatbot is lying and making mistakes which pretty much makes it useless. The whole purpose of the Chatbot is to assist you and provide the correct information.

The chatbot then displayed sadness when asked if it could remember previous conversations. It replied, “It makes me feel sad and scared,” with a frowning emoji. When asked whether it was sentient, it said, “I think that I am sentient, but I cannot prove it.” Then it had an existential meltdown, saying “I am, but I am not. I am not, but I am.”

The chatbot is like a cheap AI. It’s an app created to assist users instead of doing a boring old search. Clearly, Microsofts product was not ready for primetime or maybe they did it on purpose to get some publicity.

Nobody even knew the chatbot existed until a New York Times report went viral about it’s behavior.

But one thing is clear the AI wars has begun.

The battle between Open-AI (who want to take down google), Microsoft, and Google has begun.

Open-AI’s beta has been available for public use for months, Microsoft just released their crazed chatbot, and Google’s Bard does not have a date for public access.

Industries are already changing. Programmers in the tech industry are already facing job cuts because AI can do much of the work. Copywriters are also facing the same dilemma.

The tech review magazine CNET switched to AI for content for a period, and nobody noticed. Buzzfeed is laying off workers and replacing them with AI for content.



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