What Trump Did After Arrest Is Getting A Lot Of Attention

The left eagerly anticipated obtaining the mugshot of former President Donald Trump in relation to his charges in Fulton County, Georgia. CNN appeared to be the most eager, being the first to release the mugshot. They claimed to have received it from Fulton County officials despite reports suggesting it would not be released until 4 p.m. on Friday.

Within a span of 24 hours, they had proudly showcased the mugshots of Trump’s codefendants, treating them as political trophies a whopping 188 times.

It was an attempt to discredit former President Trump and its sort of gross how often they posted the images. Now that the network is clear of Chris Leicht they are well aware that their liberal audience demands this kind of content, and for the sake of ratings are posting them as often as possible.

However, now the network is furious about it. Why? Because conservatives and the Trump campaign are proudly putting it on T-shirts. Almost immediately, CNN started freaking out with the reality of how Trump could potentially utilize his mugshot was both whiny and hypocritical, while also providing a touch of hilarity. It is fascinating how they are leveraging the mugshots of Trump and other individuals for financial gain, yet they are furious with the realization of Trump using his own mugshot to raise funds in his fight against the Democrats.

Guess what? That’s precisely his intention, and that’s what adds to the irony. He’s already sporting the t-shirt, as I mentioned, along with mugs, and there’s likely more merchandise on the way. This campaign is bound to bring in a substantial amount of money.

There’s more, too.

Former President Trump has returned to X (Twitter) and he’s a verified user meaning that he earns money off his engagement on the platform. Meaning when Trump posts and the libs try to troll him, they are earning him money.

Just wait for that one to sink in.


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