White House Declares MAGA ‘Extremist Threat to Democracy’

Ahead of the 2022 midterms and smelling blood in the water, the White House has rolled out a tawdry new direction for their drivel, pushing a combative and divisive narrative that is meant to lure the Democrats out to the polls come November.

But Biden and his surrogates prepare these arguments at great risk, with the shuffling and groaning of a mighty and divided electorate humming just out of earshot.  Striking the wrong chord could be the same as striking the match that sends us all to high heaven in a second civil war.

Despite this risk, the press team’s mouths continue to run wild.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre began the daily briefing by condemning Republican leaders for their dangerous rhetoric but also said that President Joe Biden believed supporters of former President Donald Trump were also a threat.

“Let me be very clear, it’s not just Republican leadership, it’s not just that blanket right?” she said to reporters. “He’s talking about an extreme portion, an extreme part of the party.”

Jean-Pierre previewed the president’s speech planned for Thursday about restoring the “soul of Democracy” and warned of “extreme” Republicans.

“When you are supporting an authoritarian figure, as we have seen, who is leading, currently leading, the former president, you know, and um saying and inciting the violence that you are or wanting to take our freedoms, you know we need to say something,” she said.

And then:

Jean Pierre asserted there was “more examples we can count” of Trump supporters and Republican leaders demonstrating their threats to democracy.

Earlier in the week, Joe Biden even went so far as to threaten “right wing” Americans with F-15’s during a speech about the Second Amendment.

There is no telling what sort of irresponsible verbiage will be included in the “soul of the nation” speech set for later this week, but if the President’s recent trajectory is any indication, it could get rather ugly.


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