Woman Arrested After Using Bees to Attack Police During Eviction

Eviction is almost always an ugly thing.  These are very often instances in which our fellow man has tried ever so hard to remain ahead of the coming trouble but, for whatever the reason may be, just hasn’t found it in the cards to remain above water.

But while such trouble is often humbling, that doesn’t mean that its potential life lesson has made the process of eviction a positive one.  In fact, given the often-bizarre circumstances of the national economy today, more and more Americans are feeling jilted by the US government, both local and national.

This angst boiled over this week as a woman in Massachusetts attacked police during her own eviction, and did so in an unusual manner.

When sheriff’s deputies showed up to the Hadley, Massachusetts home of 55-year-old Rorie Susan Woods for an eviction call, they were met with resistance from Woods — who is accused of unleashing a swarm of bees on authorities.

On Oct. 12, deputies say, Woods had arrived at her home to find she was being evicted. Authorities noted she had several manufactured bee hives which were being towed by her SUV. As soon as Woods arrived, she began releasing the bees — which quickly became agitated as deputies tried to get a handle on the situation.

A sheriff’s deputy reportedly tried to stop Woods but was met with a furious swarm of bees that began surrounding deputies, forcing them to retreat. The aggressive swarm stung several officers and innocent bystanders, authorities said.

And also:

Amid the ongoing chaos, Woods had put on a professional beekeeper suit in order to protect herself while bystanders were busy fending off the irate winged creatures.

Woods, who was said to have been attempting to agitate the bees during the attack, was arrested and charged with assaults using a “dangerous weapon”.



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