Yellen Folds During Brutal Hearing – WATCH

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was grilled during a Senate Hearing and ended up sticking a fork in Biden.

An exchange with Senator Bill Cassidy was an example of the grilling she took.

Cassady asked, “why doesn’t the president care [about protecting Social Security]?”

He cares very deeply,” Yellen replied.

Cassidy responded by asking, “where’s his plan?”

“He stands ready to work with Congress,” Yellen answered.

We have not heard anything,” Cassidy added.

Perhaps the most damning moment was when Senator Blackburn asked Yellen if America could spend money to lower inflation. Blackburn was asking because it was a tenant in the Biden budget.

Yellen folded and said that she has never said America could spend its way out of inflation, which is a direct contrast to what Biden has said.

She snitched!

At one moment during the hearing, Yellen tried to have it both ways, claiming the deficit had nothing to do with inflation.


That wasn’t all Yellen was grilled about.

As Senate Republicans asked Yellen some tough questions, she admitted skyrocketing inflation during the Biden administration and interest rates has caused banks to fail.


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