Update In Aid, Ships Deploy

As the US leads an effort to get aid inside Gaza, Israeli and UN officials have a concern.

As of the writing of this post, the port has not been built, and meals have been airdropped by several countries, including Jordan, Egypt, France, and the United States.

Shockingly, they agree that the efforts may be “ineffective” to the aid to the actual people that need it.

From Fox News:

Israeli and U.N. officials have expressed concern that both the airdrops and the maritime efforts are inefficient and ineffective, and do not negate the need for someone on the ground to ensure it reaches those who really need it. There has also been criticism from Gazans, who say the aid is self-serving and, in some cases, not appropriate for their needs.

To add insult to injury, Palestinian affairs analyst Khaled Abu Toameh put things into perspective.

“I don’t think anyone really knows what is going on, and we are only hearing complaints that it is not enough, that it is not going to the right people and that it is too little too late,” he said. “I haven’t seen one person saying that this is great and now we are happy.”

Oh and it’s gets better, they don’t want the supplies:

One video showed a Palestinian man complaining about the items contained inside the airdropped packages, saying the food being distributed by the U.S. was not suitable for Arabs. In another short clip, a man identified as Ibrahim from Gaza filmed himself throwing the American aid package into the trash, stating: “I don’t want aid from a country that is an accomplice to our starvation and genocide.”

Then there’s Secretary of State Blinken, who refused to use the word Hamas and lamented the struggle to get supplies.

“You have situations where aid goes in and then people immediately charge at the trucks and you see looting. You see criminals get in the act,” Blinken said. “And again, just ordinary civilians who, in the absence of sufficient aid, may believe that their only chance to get a piece of bread is to go at the one truck they see coming in.”

Ships from the US have departed to build the port, but what happens once the aid is delivered is anybody’s guess because there doesn’t appear to be a system in place to distribute it to those who need it.

I know it was taboo at the time, but I’m old enough to remember when the UN actually conducted aid missions.

Where is the leadership? From anyone?

Where’s the UN getting soldiers from say, Jordan and conveying in aid?

Where’s Biden calling on the UN, it’s not like we don’t give them enough money.

This has Somalia – hopefully not as bad – all over it.


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