AOC Comments On Trump Rally

Recenlty Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke outside of Capitol Hill and sort of let the cat out of the bag.

Former President Trump is facing numerous cases brought on by liberal local officials and federal prosecutors. There were several reports in April that the Biden campaign was going to use Trump being stuck in court to their advantage.

“Biden is hoping to capitalize on Trump’s legal troubles,” Bloomberg reported as Biden traveled to the swing state Pennsylvania.

However, most Democrat officials claim that Biden is taking advantage of the situation but nothing was done deliberately.

That was until AOC opened her big fat mouth.

The New York Congresswoman admitted that Trump’s cases are to act like an ankle monitor to limit his ability to campaign.

There you have it.

However, Biden’s plan hasn’t been working as he bolts around the USA.

A recent report is showing that Biden approval level fell from 38% in April to 36% in May.

From Reuters:

The four-day poll, which closed on Monday, showed just 36% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance as president, down from 38% in April. It was a return to the lowest approval rating of his presidency, last seen in July 2022. While this month’s drop was within the poll’s 3 percentage point margin of error, it could bode poorly for Biden as he faces off with Republican Donald Trump in the Nov. 5 presidential election.

Even CNN’s Chris Cillizza noted that the stats aren’t looking good.

There isn’t exactly a lot of enthusiasm out there at the moment. Below is a clip of Biden visiting New Hampshire.


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