Biden Gives Address At The APAICS Gala – VIDEO

President Biden delivered an address at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) gala.

During the speech, Biden, who has a record-low approval rate, mocked former President Trump, calling him a loser.

During his speech, President Biden referred to Trump as “that loser,” sparking laughter among the attendees.

President Biden was discussing a significant bipartisan border agreement that, earlier this year, seemed promising but was ultimately blocked. This agreement had initially gathered support from a broad spectrum of lawmakers, including some very conservative figures. However, it faced opposition from Trump, who played a pivotal role in its downfall by urging Republican lawmakers to reject it.

“That bipartisan bill has majority support in the House and Senate. But I was told, that other guy, that loser,” Biden remarked, alluding to Trump as the presumptive GOP nominee for president. The crowd responded to this jab with laughter.

The elitists in the crowd might be laughing but regular Americans aren’t as what Biden called “transitory” inflation wreaks havoc.

During the speech Biden messed up the name of Julie Su, the acting Labor Secretary.

What also happened during the speech was really weird, appareltny Joe like what a woman looked like in the crowd and he wanted her to stand up.

Biden also seemed to completely lose his train of thought.

Biden is doing a lot of tough talking to Trump but little to help Americans.

The President is will to debate and has opted out of the traditional ones however, he has his list of demands.

Former President Trump agreed to the terms and the two will debate on June 27th.


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