Biden Caught On Hot Mic Asking A Question We Were All Wondering – WATCH

Biden was recently caught on a hot microphone asking a question to an aid during a recent event with the Kansas City Chiefs, and it has got us all wondering the same thing.

“What am I doing?” A confused Biden asked an aid during the event.

Most of America is asking the same question, what is he doing?

He claimed he was “sandbagged” even though one wasn’t seen in the video.

The President didn’t mention that Marine One smacked him on the head.

Then we asked what the heck is he doing after Joe had some trouble with his pants.

First they tried to ensure nothing bad would happened by making sure Biden knew exactly where to go.

But that wasn’t enough to keep the President from embarrassing himself.

When it was time for the President to participate in the ceremony, he needed assistance and moved like he was over 100 years old. Then Biden had an issue with his right pant leg and bent over but couldn’t seem to fix it.

Biden’s silly question wasn’t the only gaffe the President made, apparently, he’s hallucinating again.

It’s no wonder he won’t talk with the press.


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