Biden Tries To Spell & Well Just Watch

President Joe Biden recently spoke about the economy on April 19, 2023, and his gaffe was so humiliating it wasn’t in the official transcript.

Biden started off by claiming that Republicans want to support Big Pharma.

“We just finally beat Big Pharma by giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug costs, and I want to keep going,” Biden said. “The MAGA Republicans in Congress want to hand Big Pharma back to power — back in power.”

This is the same guy the eliminated Trump’s insulin plan then months later imposed it claiming it was his idea.

Then Biden tried to spell.

“Just think about it: We have now about 1,000, as I said, billionaires. Their average tax is 8 percent.”

Biden then tried to spell the word “eight” and failed but it was never put in the transcript.

“As I said,” the transcript continued. “It’s wrong. That’s why I proposed a billionaire minimum tax. No billionaire should be paying less for the — of a tax rate than a schoolteacher or a firefighter.”

He then started spouting “facts” about his administration.

Oh really!?

Then this happened…

If you think that’s nuts, check out Fetterman. A recent video uses a tablet to tell him what to say.

We’ve got some sort of crew in DC right now between Biden, Feinstein, Fetterman, and McConnell.


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