Biden Panders, Lies, Then Gets REALLY Creepy During Wacky Speech, ‘What’s Your Name Honey? I Want…’

Biden is a mess, and it was on full display on the Sunday before MLK Day while he was speaking at Senator Raphael Warnock’s church.

Where do you even start?

Let’s go back in time for a second…


This was Biden on January 15, 2023…

Also, Biden was such a super-woke Christian that after he went to 7:30 am Mass he would then go to a local black church.

The President told so much embellishments that it appears to have broken his brain because he still can’t get the name of the SCOTUS justice he nominated right.

Then things got incredibly creepy.

Could you imagine if Trump said that while president?

It’s no wonder establishment Democrats have issued comments indicating they are ready to throw Joe under the bus.

What a mess.


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