Biden Gives Remarks With Jordanian King

The wheels seem to have come off at the White House after Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre defended President Joe Biden over allegations about his age.

A reporter asked her during a briefing about Biden taking a cognitive test.

“I mean, look — and I talked about this last week, too, on, I believe, whenever — on Friday. I have known this president since 2009,” she said. “I — he is not just my — my boss, but, you know, he’s also some- — a mentor to me. And I spent sometimes countless hours with him, whether it’s in the Oval Office, whether it’s on the road. And I believe, for me — you’re asking me my personal opinion — he is sharp. He is on top of things.”

Right out of the gate, the President messed up the Queen’s name. Below is a screenshot from the White House transcript. Remember, when you see a word with a line through, it means the President didn’t correct himself.

Before we get to the next nightmare gaffe, on Super Bowl Sunday, there were reports that Biden told Israel not to attack Rafah unless they had a plan to evacuate civilians. That night, Israel ignored Biden, unleashed an attack on the area, and rescued some hostages.

The far left was also furious about the situation in Rafah and want Biden to force Israel to stop military operations.

Well, here’s what Biden said while speaking with the Jordanian King.

“The King and I also discussed the situation in Rafah.  As I said yesterday, our military operation in Rafah — their — the major military operation in Rafah should not proceed without a credible plan — a credible plan for ensuring the safety and support of more than one million people sheltering there,” Biden said.

“Our operations?” Sorry, Joe, your brain is scrambled eggs.

To cap it all off, you got Biden walking around the back of the stage like a dithering idiot.

Remember, on the same day KJP said Biden is “sharp.”

He’s about as sharp as a stick of butter.


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