McGurn Gives Rating On Normandy Speech

As the ceremony took place, commemorating D-Day, Fox News had Wall Street Journal editorial board member Bill Mcgurn on to give comment on the event.

“I think Joe Biden did pretty well on the speech. No major stumbles. He looked in command. He wasn’t shouting. I think he delivered it very well. I think the words were fine, it was a well written speech,” McGurn said.

Politico reported that the White House was hoping to create a similar moment as Reagan did.

From Politico:

Aides conceding that they havestudied the Reagan trip closely and are looking to similarly capture the attention of a distracted, disillusioned public and remind them of how much is still at stake. Not only is Biden expected to echo Reagan in paying homage to these climactic battles for freedom and democracy, he will deliver his remarks from where Reagan stood, on those iconic cliffs where the war turned.

I’m not sure what McGurn was watching but I don’t think it was the same thing.

Funny, do you remember Regean acting like this?


Doesn’t exactly look like a commanding presences does it?

When it was all over Jill got him the heck out of there while Macron hung back to hang out with veterans.

For those that don’t remember, here is former President Ronald Reagan’s speech in 1984.



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