Biden Team Comments On NY Post Video

At the recent G7 summit in southern Italy, Biden is getting a lot of press and the kind he was hoping for. President Biden, who was among the leaders of the world’s wealthiest democracies, seemed to wander off on one occasion and had some awkward moments during others.

Following the videos going viral the Biden campaign freaked out and went on MSNBC screaming that the videos should be censored.

As the evening parachuting presentation captivated the audience, the 81-year-old US president’s attention visibly drifted. While the other leaders applauded the skydivers, Biden shuffled a few steps away, turning to converse with an officer packing a parachute. It was a moment that could have gone unnoticed, but in the midst of a tightly orchestrated summit, it stood out.

Part of what has the Biden team upset is that they are complaining that the video cuts out Joe seemingly speaking with a different parachutist. So here’s a more wide angle video of the event below.

Flipping out about the New York Post cover, Biden’s team had a meltdown and is demanding social media companies take the video down.

As if there weren’t other instances that were just as weird.


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