Biden Travels To The Beach Following Fundraiser

    In the digital age, politics and the internet often intertwine.

    The White House is on a crusade to label embarrassing videos of the President as ‘”cheap fakes.”

    Following a fundraiser, Biden headed to the beach before he visited Camp David. Cameras caught up with Biden while they were en route and caught the President getting into an SUV.

    In the clip, Biden appears to have difficulty getting into his vehicle. Trump’s senior advisors, Chris LaCivita and Jason Miller, did not miss the opportunity to question Biden’s physical and mental capabilities. As Election Day approaches, it’s common for political campaigns to amplify their strategies.

    The video shows Biden cautiously entering his armored SUV after landing in Delaware on a trip to his beach house. This particular SUV is a smaller, more informal alternative to his official limo, ‘The Beast’, which he often uses for visits to his beach house.

    There’s been increased scrutiny on Biden’s public behavior, with videos of him freezing and mumbling during public events circulating on social media. Memorable incidents include him greeting a parachutist at the G7 summit and pausing during the White House Juneteenth celebration. These events, among others, have attracted considerable attention.

    A highly-shared clip shows Biden standing still as former President Obama waved to cheering supporters. This was after a talk show appearance where Biden answered questions from host Jimmy Kimmel.

    Such occurrences have led the White House to accuse conservatives of deliberately amplifying or distorting information. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre referred to these as ‘cheap fakes’, deeming them disrespectful to viewers and insisting that such actions be condemned.

    Interestingly, the White House did not immediately respond to inquiries about the recent SUV video.



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