Denver Facing Budget Shortfalls

The city of Denver, Colorado, is facing a budget crisis and some city workers may feel the pinch.

The City of Denver is claiming that the actions they are taking “is NOT” a layoff and they are not “laying off employees to pay for the migrant crisis.” They are stating they will tell “hourly employees they may have their hours reduced to zero.”

Let the gaslighting begin. 

Senator John Hickenlooper (D-CO) also told Devern 9 News that the city might start hiring illegal immigrants.

He sounded confident that the Biden administration wouldn’t give the city a hard time.

“If the federal government wants to come down and throw the book at us, we’ll deal with the legal costs,” Hickenlooper said.

From the Dailywire:

Emails obtained under public records laws show that the city is also using its schools in the effort to get illegals employed. Denver Public Schools (DPS)worked with the city to help illegal immigrants get work permits, giving visas to foreigners to work for the school system so that schools have “adults who are reflective of our students.”

Denver publis schools (DPS) is facing a projected $17.5 million budget shortfall. Thanks to a records request obtained by the Parent Defending Education emials show school officials are dealing with incredible strains.

Surprisingly the Biden administration has already warned the University of California the consequences if they hired illegal immigrants. According to a report from Politico, “the Department of Homeland Security pressed UC officials to reconsider what it saw as a direct challenge to federal law during an election year, according to four university officials.”

This is a crisis of Biden’s making and if Americans start losing their jobs the whole thing is going to become a huge problem for Biden.


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