Congresswoman’s Staff Discovers Prank

In a surprising twist, the re-election campaign of Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., found itself entangled in another embrarrassing incident involving a parody social media account. The account, known as “Chief Rabbi of Gaza,” successfully deceived Bush’s team into considering a potential fundraiser with the fake rabbi, “Fabbi Linda Goldstein.” This parody account, notorious for its anti-Israel rhetoric, has a history of catfishing progressive politicians.

According to a report from the New York Post, the parody account reached out to Bush’s team on June 23 with the proposition of collaborating on a fundraiser. The account claimed that their “congregation was displaced from Gaza after Israel’s invasion on October 7” and suggested that Bush travel to the Gaza border for the event, emphasizing that “the optics could be incredible.”

Ronika Moody, Bush’s finance and engagement director, responded positively, expressing Bush’s interest in hosting an event in Gaza, which she had been trying to organize. Moody asked if the fundraiser’s theme would be Gaza. Goldstein, the parody rabbi, suggested a theme centered on “the morality” of intifada, mentioning a discussion on “finding a final solution to the problem of Zionism.”

The email exchange, reviewed by the New York Post, highlights a concerning lapse in verification on the part of Bush’s team. Despite the inflammatory and dubious nature of the suggested themes, there was no immediate reaction from Bush’s office. This incident is not isolated, as the same parody account had previously duped Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., in April, showcasing a pattern of targeting progressive politicians.

Bush, known for her vocal criticism of Israel, is currently in a tight primary battle to retain her seat. The fallout from this prank has rocked her campaign efforts. Michael, the man behind the parody account, described Bush as an “empty suit antisemite” who is uninformed about the Israel-Palestine conflict but eager to engage in it for political gain.

The incident did not go unnoticed by real community leaders. Rabbi Susan Talve, the founding rabbi of the Central Reform Congregation in Bush’s district, criticized the lawmaker, stating, “Cori has not done her homework about anything to do with Israel and Palestine, and it’s very sad.”



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