Studios Make Big Decision In Upcoming Titles

Studios in Japan have been facing a huge battle against American censors who leftists infiltrated.

One of the biggest things to happen has been Japanese studios switching to AI and replacing what’s called American localizers. Those localizers were leftists, changing the dialogue to more woke and political terms.

Studios were upset that their scripts were being changed and switched to AI to replace the activists who were making changes to suit political ideology.

There’s also been a trend in the video game world to alter how women look in order to “respect women” and deny the “male gaze.”

Below is an example: one side of the photos shows the models the characters were designed after, and the other side is how the character ended up.

Those same “localizers” here in the USA taking G-rated films like Peter Pan and Mary Poppins and now making them PG because of “discriminatory language.”

For example, there’s a new video game called “Stellar Blade” that the left is up in arms about.

The protagonist is an incredibly attractive woman who is modeled after a real-life woman named Shin Jae-eun, 32.

Developers scanned Shin Jae-eun’s body and created the character out of it, and the studio pushed back, saying that they wanted to create the “most attractive looking body” for players to look at.

“Stellar Blade” character (left) Korean Model Shin Jae-eun, 32 (right)

That has the left furious.

One developer claims that she was forced out of the studio due to her “feminist beliefs” and demanded people boycott the game.

Here’s some irony, it was other women on the development team that criticized the ousted leftist employee’s behavior.

It turns out that the ousted developer was linked to a “radical feminist group.”

The whole thing backfired, and pre-orders for the game are through the roof.

Leftists in the USA are also upset over another new upcoming remake of an old 1997 role playing style game called Final Fantasy 7.

What are they upset about? One of the characters is very pretty.

The massive video game studio Square-Enix is ignoring calls from the left to censor the character Tifa Lockhart. In 2019, the studio angered fans by bowing to the censors and changing her look. Square-Enix has reversed its decision and is now restoring the character to her original look.

FF7 Character Tifa Lockhart

Leftists are also frustrated that Square Enix is done with ESG.


But that’s not the only thing the left is angry about in the game. There will be one scene where the characters will be at the beach and wearing bathing suits.

The horror! (sarcasm)

Square Enix saw what happened to Disney, and they said, “No way!”



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