Protestors Give Press Conference After Incident On Campus

About a day before the UCLA officials requested police move in to clear the camp Pro-Palestinian protestors held a press conference over what took place the previous night.

Basically, a riot broke out between pro-Israel protestors and pro-Palestinian protestors.

From KTLA:

Dozens of counter-protestors, many wearing white masks and flags over their shoulders, arrived around 10:45 p.m. and attempted to dismantle the pro-Palestinian encampment that has overtaken Royce Quad since last Thursday. The agitators lobbed fireworks at the encampment and set off what may have been bear or pepper spray.

Demonstrators on the pro-Palestinian side used umbrellas to shield themselves, and skirmishes broke throughout the night out as counter-protesters wrestled away wood pallets, plywood and metal fencing from the encampment.

UCLA campus police along with medical personnel showed up briefly before retreating, KTLA’s John Fenoglio reported. The Los Angeles Police Department had not responded as of 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.


The video showed counter-protestors engaging in violence, and the left was furious no one came to save them.

There were several posts like the one below of leftist advocates furious the police didn’t move to save the encampment.

So the next day, the protestors held a press conference condemning the school and complained the police didn’t come to rescue them fast enough.

From the Los Angeles Daily News:

In a Tuesday press conference on UCLA’s campus, the pro-Palestinian protest organizers at UCLA shared a statement describing the attack on the encampment and condemning the university’s failure to keep students safe.

They did not share their names with the media.

“For over seven hours Zionist aggressors hurled gas canisters, sprayed pepper spray and threw fireworks and bricks into our encampment,” the organizers stated. “They broke barriers repeatedly, clearly in an attempt to kill our community.”

“For all the school’s pretense of student safety, we have experienced an unprecedented amount of violence and hatred while they stood by,” the statement continued. “The university’s hypocrisy is all too apparent as signs of this escalation were reported, documented and indicated early on.”

Do you want to know how silly they are?

The UCLA Palestine solidarity encampment has three demands.

They want the school to divest from Israel; they want UCLA to disclose all funding and to “abolish policing.”

That’s right, folks, the same people who whined the cops didn’t rescue them fast enough want the police “abolished.”


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