Discussions Swirl Amid Biden’s Camp David Visit

    There’s a lot of uproaring going on as Biden headed to Camp David for a little retreat following a rough week.

    Up until the debate Biden had steadfast donors however, now a sense of unease is starting to take hold. Following last week’s debate, which didn’t go particularly well for Biden, there are whisperings about potential future steps if Biden were to step down. This, of course, thrusts Kamala Harris into the spotlight.

    Instead of rallying behind Harris, a few donors are entertaining thoughts of withdrawing their support. In other words…they want a refund.

    Under normal circumstances, if Biden were to step aside, it would be logical to expect Harris to step in as a strong and convincing leader. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

    Interestingly, some donors prefer to back Biden, despite some questions around his cognitive health, over Harris. While Harris is fully alert, her leadership performance has attracted criticism.

    This isn’t just subjective; the numbers support this viewpoint. Harris currently holds a favorability rating of just 42 percent, even lower than Biden’s, and more than half the people surveyed view her unfavorably.

    If Harris was to take the reins from Biden, it would certainly generate some buzz, given the rarity of such a scenario.

    The problem is that nobody likes her. She’s one of the few people that actually polls worse than Biden.

    Meanwhile, the press is piling on and Biden’s closest confidants are blaming staff.

    From MSNBC’s Chuck Todd:

    Some in the media are sort of funny, like Mika wanted to know if the debate was a “one off.” Umm…Hello! Did you watch Joe during the G7 Summit?

    Between this and the latest SCOTUS decision the left is in a full blown melt down.



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