Riley Family Has Meeting In Rome, Georgia

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Georgia, and he took the time to hold a special meeting.

Trump took the time to have a small meet and greet with Laken Riley’s parents.

“I met her beautiful mother and family backstage,” Trump told the crowd in Rome. “They said she was like the best. She was always the best to us. They admit that she was the best, and she was the first in her class. She was going to be the best nurse. She was the best nursing student. She was always the best. She was the brightest light in every room, they told me.”

He added, “She was the whole world to her parents and to her sister and just to the whole family.”

Riley, 22, a nursing student was murdered by an illegal immigrant and recently had her name mispronounced by Biden.

Trump attacked President Biden.

“Biden has implemented a formal policy that illegal aliens who intrude into the United States are granted immunity from deportation,” Trump said. “Thus, when this monster showed up at our border, he was set free immediately under the program. That crooked Joe created it.”

Trump said inviting them was an honor.

“They’re so incredible,” he continued. “The hearts of hundreds of thousands and indeed millions and millions of Americans and people worldwide, they’re shattered alongside of your beautiful hearts. We share your grief. We share your grief. Thank you, darling. Thank you. Thank you very much. We appreciate it.”

One picture has been released.

Meanwhile, Biden is apologizing for using the term “illegal” instead of undocumented migrant when referring to the alleged person who murdered Riley.


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