Biden Press Event Ended By Staffers

In front of the whole world, President Joe Biden looked like a flaming hot mess.

Biden’s press conference in Vietnam turned into a wild event. The President went off into a tangent about John Wayne, admitted it was time for bed, wandered off stage, admitted he’s just “following order,” and struggled to remember who he was supposed to call on.

It was wild to see.

We saw it when he traveled to Maui. It is possible that he is struggling with the effects of these long overseas trips. Even perfectly healthy young people can struggle with traveling halfway around the world. Now imagine being in Biden’s condition.

Joe didn’t start on the right foot and it was all downhill from there.

He let the cat out of the bag.

Oh and if you are not on the “list” Biden “ain’t calling on you.”

Remember he only took five questions and this happened.

Maybe this was the problem, he was tired.

His staffers had enough after that and ended the event.



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