Fundraising Numbers Come In Says Report

Oh, have the tables turned.

During the primary season the Biden campaign was bragging about how well they were fundraising.

It actually makes good sense.

The incumbent has the advantage.

During the primary season, you get to campaign and raise funds while the other party sorts things out.

However, former President Trump has just done a first now that things are getting into full swing, and it is bad news for Biden.

In April 2024, President Joe Biden’s fundraising efforts lagged behind those of his rival, former President Donald Trump, for the first time. This shift occurred after Trump intensified his joint operation with the Republican National Committee (RNC) and headlined high-dollar fundraising events.

Biden’s campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee (DNC), managed to raise over $51 million in April. This amount is significantly lower than the $90 million they raised in March when the GOP was still sorting things out.

Keep in mind this was when Biden appeared with Obama and Bill Clinton hoping to reel it in.

Trump’s April fundraising received a substantial boost from a record-setting $50.5 million event held at the Palm Beach, Florida home of billionaire investor John Paulson, whom Trump has suggested as a potential Treasury Secretary.

Trump’s campaign previously acknowledged that they might not match Biden’s fundraising totals this year. However, it’s important to note that Trump won the 2016 presidential election despite being outraised by his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. With just over five months until the November 5 election, national polls show Biden and Trump in a close race, with Trump having an edge in key battleground states. Additionally, Trump scores higher than Biden on economic issues such as inflation, according to recent polls.

As of the end of April, Biden’s campaign reported having approximately $84 million in the bank. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign reported a balance of $49 million. This financial advantage has enabled Biden’s campaign to launch significant advertising campaigns in crucial battleground states.

However, the money doesn’t seem to be helping after a slew of recent battleground polls.



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