Media Responds To Taylor Swift Grammy

The left is not happy with Taylor Swift.

The spotlight is on none other than Taylor Swift, who just etched her name into the annals of music royalty by winning Album of the Year for “Midnights.” This win is not just any win; it marks her fourth time taking home this prestigious award, setting a record as the only artist to ever achieve this feat. “Midnights,” along with “Fearless,” “1989,” and “Folklore,” have all earned Swift this top honor, showcasing her versatility and enduring appeal across different music eras.

“I would love to tell you that this is the best moment in my life. But I feel this happy when I’ve finished a song or when I’ve cracked the code to a bridge that I love or when I’m shot listing a music video, or when I’m rehearsing with my dancers or my band or getting ready to go to Tokyo to play a show,” she said.

“For me, the award is the work. All I want to do is keep being able to do this. I love it so much. It makes me so happy. It makes me unbelievably blown away that it makes some people happy who voted for this award too. All I want to do is keep doing this. So thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do what I love so much,” Swift concluded.

The win marked her 14th Grammy and the left is not happy about it.

New York magazine’s Vulture noted that Swift has “more wins in the category than all Black [sic] women combined.”

From Vulture:

With her record-breaking win, Taylor Swift has now won Album of the Year more times than all Black women combined have. The previous Black women to win the award were Natalie Cole in 1992, Whitney Houston in 1994, and Lauryn Hill in 1999 — a list that, Jay-Z would like you to note, does not include Beyoncé.

Rush Limbaugh used to have a saying and Swift should wise up. Below is an excerpt he made during the demise of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo:

The media cannot destroy you if they’re not the ones who make you. But if the media makes you, in other words, let’s say you have a TV show and it’s actually number 10 in the market but the media loves you and they write about it all the time, and they talk about it all the time, and they promote it, and they make everybody think it’s number one. The day comes when they don’t like you, they can take you out. Because you never have been what they say you are. If they build you up and it’s unreal and untrue, they can take you out. And that is an overriding philosophy that I, whenever I’m asked by anybody in this business or in an ancillary way, do not go the PR route, do not try to have buzz and PR define your success.

You can’t go anywhere without hearing about Taylor, but when the media or political class is done with her, it can all go away just as fast.


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