Tapper Questions Mitch Landrieu About Protest Funding – VIDEO

A recent report about the ongoing protests supporting Palestine in the conflict in Gaza has revealed who is behind some of the funding.

It turns out several groups that support President Joe Biden are funding the same protests.

Over recent months, President Joe Biden has faced considerable challenges from pro-Palestinian protesters, leading some to label him “Genocide Joe.” They have shutdown colleges, protested at his campaign events, and interrupted his speeches.

Key Democratic donors like George Soros, David Rockefeller Jr., and Susan and Nick Pritzker have been identified as financial supporters of organizations like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow through the Tides Foundation. This foundation has been a conduit for funding from these philanthropists to various activist groups that engage in social change efforts, including those focusing on Palestinian rights.

While the Tides Foundation receives funding from these high-profile donors, the organizations it supports have sometimes adopted stances or tactics that clash with the donors’ other political activities, such as supporting Biden. For example, Jewish Voice for Peace has been involved in several high-profile protests against Biden, challenging his policies and calling attention to what they describe as complicit behavior in Israeli actions in Palestine.

Biden after Columbia went wild Biden did address the protest and said that they won’t change his policy. However, it will be interesting to see what happens next because it appears that Israel will begin operations inside Rafah.

When a Biden advisor was asked to explain what was going on, they didn’t have much to do.

The protests don’t appear to go away despite the campuses being cleared. A video was posted on X showing protesters screaming outside NYU’s president’s home after she allowed police to clear the encampment on two occasions.



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