Biden Speaks At Dinner In Detroit

President Biden decided to take a trip first by delivering the commencement address at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Later that day, he traveled to Detroit, Michigan, where he participated in a private campaign event and spoke at the 69th Annual NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund dinner at Huntington Place.

He was in full pander mode.

While the NAACP does not endorse political candidates, they invited President Biden to give the keynote address at their dinner. During his speech, President Biden expressed gratitude to the NAACP members, acknowledging their pivotal role in his election victory. He stated, “You’re the reason Kamala Harris is a historic vice president. You’re the reason Donald Trump was the defeated former president. And you’re the reason Donald Trump is going to be a loser again.”

He also forgot when he was Vice President.

In his speech, President Biden also addressed racial issues and criticized former President Donald Trump. He questioned, “What do you think he would have done on January 6 if Black Americans had stormed the Capitol? I’m serious. What do you think?” Biden emphasized the importance of Black history, stating, “They’re trying to erase Black history literally. They’re wrong. They don’t understand–Black history is American history. Not a joke. Together, we make history. We do not erase history.”

Then came a ridiculous gaffe.

Actually, we know what would happen because most of us are old enough to remember the Summer of 2020.

Yeah, nothing happened.


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