Biden Reveals Some Discussions With World Leaders During Time Interview

Hello everyone! Let’s dive into a compelling new interview with President Joe Biden that’s making waves. In a candid gaffe ridden conversation with TIME magazine, Biden revealed that numerous international leaders have privately expressed their concerns about the prospect of former President Donald Trump winning the 2024 election.

According to Biden, during almost every major international meeting, a world leader pulls him aside with a pressing message: “He can’t win. You can’t let him win.”

Biden shared a vivid recollection from the first G7 summit he attended as president in 2021. He told the assembled leaders that “America was back,” to which French President Emmanuel Macron responded skeptically, “for how long?”

During the interview, Biden rehashed old, tired talking point by claiming another leader questioned how the U.S. would react if a January 6-style attack occurred in London. Reflecting on the Capitol riot, Biden criticized Trump for his inaction, emphasizing that Trump’s failure to respond for three hours severely damaged global confidence in America. “And it made me realize just how fundamentally what he allowed to happen sitting in this room, looking at that television for three hours and didn’t do a damn thing, said about America, and how much confidence people lost in America,” Biden said.

Of course, we know Biden loves to tell stories.

The president further argued that the stakes are incredibly high, not just for the U.S., but for democracies worldwide. “And so name me a world leader other than [Viktor] Orban and [Vladimir] Putin who think that Trump should be the world leader in the United States of America,” Biden remarked. His statement highlights the stark contrast between Trump’s support from authoritarian figures and the concern from democratic leaders.

What Biden doesn’t realize is that part of Trump’s popularity is that world leaders are nervous about him. Under Trump, the Middle East stabilized, ISIS was defeated, there were no more new conflicts or wars involving the USA. Recently, Biden struggled to get a handle on the piracy by the Houthies, Gaza, and Ukraine and take a look at Hatia. Americans are being arrested overseas now more than ever before. Heck, even Netanyahu is doing as he pleases, knowing that Biden probably won’t stop him.

Again, it’s what Biden isn’t saying.

All the president seems to be doing is trying to scare everyone rather than running on his record and what he’ll do for the country. Of course, his record his a flaming hot pile of trash so scare tactics are all he’s got left.

The interview as a whole was a mess.

Then there was this that was just…well. watch for yourself.


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