Biden Comments On Student Loan Decision During Remarks In California

President Joe Biden decided to vist the Los Angeles area for a couple of days.

As per usual, Biden gave some remarks and well just watch…

Joe also said that bailing out people with student loan debt will help people who won’t be going to college.

We checked the transcript to see if what Biden said was a gaffe. There was no line struck through it as of the writing of this post so apparently he read what was on the teleprompter. The President went on later to say that he was approving “$200 million in grants for registered apprenticeship programs around the country.”

Of course the fight with the teleprompter continued.

A reporter did ask Biden if he was worried the Supreme Court would shutdown the program.

” I don’t have a worry at all,” he replied.

What really appeared to catch peoples attention though was when Biden was asked by reporters about his State of the Union speech.

The President was very confused and Los Angeles mayor Karen Bass jumped in to answer for him as his aides began yelling and threw out the press.


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